Ideact : cabinet d'avocats

International Group: AVRIO-ADVOCATI

The IDEACT law office is a founding member of the international group of independent lawyers AVRIO-ADVOCATI, with 32 offices throughout the world, mainly located in economic capitals. The long-established group is based on strong links forged between members, both professionally and personally over the years. IDEACT is therefore structured to support its clients in their international operations.


Lawyers at the Nice Bar Specialists in tax law, labour law and Monegasque law « Le Forum », 33 boulevard Général Leclerc 06240 BEAUSOLEIL Tél 04 92 41 30 21 Fax 04 92 41 30 27 Email :


Made up of number of accountants and auditors, as well as some lawyers specialising in tax law and company law.

Xin Liu

Lawyer at the Paris Bar Specialist in Franco-China relations